As an inclusive community, the University of Miami reaffirms our commitment to provide a learning and workplace environment that is welcoming, comfortable, and safe.
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September 24, 2018

Dear Colleagues,

As an inclusive community, the University of Miami reaffirms our commitment to provide a learning and workplace environment that is welcoming, comfortable, and safe. We are defined through our shared values and through our actions of personal responsibility. As President of the University of Miami, I am devoted to furthering a culture of belonging, where everyone feels valued and has the opportunity to add value. Ensuring that every member of our community feels safe and is free from gender and/or sex-based discrimination and violence is an integral part of creating a true culture of belonging.

It is on all of us to prevent sexual harassment and assault and to respond quickly to any concerns directly observed or brought to our attention. Sexual misconduct, including sex- and gender-based discrimination, harassment and violence, are destructive practices that go against the standards of a just society and the values of the University of Miami.

As we near our centennial in 2025, our institution aspires to be the exemplary university. That means that integrity, civility, openness, diversity, and resilience are at the heart of our institution. Building an inclusive organization means that each student, faculty member, staff member, applicant, and anyone working with the University deserves to be treated with dignity and respect, and has the right to learn and work in an environment that is free of harassment. It is our responsibility to each other to ensure that we provide that kind of environment.

The University has established programs aimed at the prevention of and response to sexual misconduct, and we continually assess and update our policies and practices. We have updated our Sexual Misconduct Policy, which I encourage all members of the University community to review. I am proud to oversee the President’s Coalition on Sexual Violence Prevention , which has been a valuable tool for creating awareness, promoting educational efforts, and providing feedback to assure that we are on the right track. Preventing harassment and discriminatory treatment of any kind is a top priority for my administration, and I encourage any employee who suspects any incident of sexual harassment or misconduct to immediately report concerns to one of the contacts listed below or in the policy. We are committed to conducting a prompt and equitable investigation into all reports without fear of retaliation.

All faculty members, supervisory staff, and employees in areas where there is frequent interaction with students, will be required to complete online training to learn more about sexual misconduct issues, their obligation to report allegations, and how they can help support members of the University community. I recently attended a training session on this topic with my leadership team, and I strongly encourage all employees – no matter where you work – to complete the online training to familiarize yourselves with those topics as we all have a personal responsibility to report any concerns.

As a University community, we encourage anyone who believes they have been subjected to sexual misconduct to contact the University’s Title IX Coordinator at or 305-284-8624. In addition, there are several on- and off-campus resources available to assist you, which are listed in the Sexual Misconduct Policy.

Should you have a report of sexual misconduct involving a student, any comments or questions, or want more information about identifying and preventing sexual misconduct against students, please contact either the Deputy Title IX Coordinator for Students in the Dean of Students Office at 305-284-5353, or the University’s Title IX Coordinator, as indicated above.

If you have questions regarding the policies, prevention, and reporting process specific to your role as a faculty or staff member, please contact either the Deputy Title IX Coordinator in the Office of Faculty Affairs at 305-284-2002, or the Deputy Title IX Coordinator in the Office of Human Resources at 305-284-3064, respectively.

Thank you for helping to make our University a harassment-free environment.

We are One U.
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