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July 8, 2020
Dear Students,

We are all looking forward to the start of the fall semester and welcoming you to the U. As we prepare for our return to campus, you can be assured that all our decisions are founded on protecting your health and well-being as well as that of our entire University community. We have taken special care to create classrooms, residential spaces, and common areas that promote your student experience while following guidelines to prevent the spread of COVID-19.

In order to support your valuable engagement with faculty and ensure continuity in teaching and learning, fall courses will be taught in three instructional modalities:
  • In-person and on-campus
  • Hybrid or blended, with a combination of in-person on-campus instruction and virtual/remote sessions
  • Virtual/remote in synchronous (live) and/or asynchronous (recorded) formats
We understand that some of you may face personal or family-related health concerns, international travel restrictions, or other challenges that do not permit you to join us in person this fall. In the face of these challenges, we are committed to ensuring you can maintain your academic progress and participate as an important member of the Hurricanes’ family.

For those students unable to attend in person this fall, you will be able to request to take almost all of your fall 2020 courses via fully virtual/remote learning. You will not be able to change back to in-person or hybrid courses during the fall semester. Enrolling in full virtual/remote learning may also have implications for financial aid, student fees, housing, and other aspects of the student experience. For more information, please visit (select “Request for virtual/remote learning” in the “Academic information” section). The request form will be available from July 8–22 only.

We are thrilled you have chosen to pursue your educational dreams at the University of Miami. As President Frenk shared during last week’s town hall, this is a teaching moment, and all lessons are predicated on the mutual responsibility each of us has to all of us. Together, we will ensure a safe and successful fall semester.
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Jeffrey L. Duerk, Ph.D.
Executive Vice President for Academic Affairs and Provost
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